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Here at The Oat- So - Good company we are a traditional family owned cereal company with a wealth of over 35 years experience in the baking industry. We have managed to create a range of hand produced delicious and tasty oat cereals which can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Due to life style changes people are ever more conscious on what they eat people are now not just wanting a tasty cereal for breakfast. People are wanting a tasty and nutritional start to the day this lead us to produce cereals that fit this criteria, with an emphasis on healthy living which includes fruited and non- fruited cereal. This helps to provide a satisfying breakfast and keep the mid -morning sugar craving at bay. The Oat- So- Good Co cereals are not only good for you with the vast range of healthy ingredients of Jumbo Rolled Oats Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Sesame Seeds,

There are number of key aspects of these products not to be ignored.

Key aspects of the product.

Suitable for Vegans/vegetarians

No added salt

Only fruit sugars used

High in Fibre

Alternative uses for the products

On top of ice cream

Granola muffins

Cranberry and Apricot zesty orange Granola pie

Granola sundae